Allotment Gardens

The small allotment- farmer or cottage garden is also called dacha or parcel according to the region.

Allotment Garden

An allotment garden is a relatively small, absolutely fenced area on which many useful plants Find place. These are clearly sorted into categories – that is, vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, flowers.

allotment garden

The cottage garden is always a small space, separated from the main garden, with a typically rectangular or square shape that can be accessed through a cross. Traditionally, there is a roundabout in the middle of the paths at the intersection. But also magnificent flowers, a small water hole or a tree can be positioned here.

Local flowers, herbs and vegetables grow in such a garden. Typical are dahlias, poppies, ranunculus, marigolds and borders with boxwood.

Other garden types

Here you will find videos and explanations about other garden types and styles

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