Forest Gardens

In forest gardens – as the name suggests – the trees dominate. If you want your garden to be sunny, with plenty of open space and as dry as possible, the forest garden is clearly the wrong choice.

Forest Garden

Not only that the deciduous and coniferous trees such as beech, birch, maple or also spruce and fir trees that dominate classic forest gardens have a lot of shadow, the roots draw a lot of nutrients and moisture from the soil and thus the other plants growing there.

Forest Garden

In private forest gardens, it is important to have the right balance between shady and sunny places. The arbor, terrace and pond should be placed in sunny places, smaller resting places and appropriate planting under and around the larger trees and shrubs.

Trees in the back of the garden create a beautiful visual finish, similar to the edge of a forest. In front of it, medium-high shrubs, perennials and climbing plants find their place. Under the trees e.g. Ground decor, bulbs and tuber plants create a visually appealing, dense undergrowth.

Other garden types

Here you will find videos and explanations about other garden types and styles

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