Garden types

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Create or renew your garden

Every garden lover dreams of his own well-designed garden according to his own ideas, regardless of whether it is small or large trees and bushes, beautifully shaped flower beds, fragrant rose bushes, a meadow or a pond.

When creating your garden, you shouldn’t forget that no matter how you design your garden, it should definitely be harmonious.

Garden types

Garden Types Garden Styles

Regardless of whether you are creating your first garden or want to supplement or renew an existing one, you should be clear in advance about the type of garden / garden style.

(siehe: Wikipedia) you like the best. Below is a brief overview of the different garden types / garden styles.

The Balcony Garden

balcony garden

Before you stock up on flower seeds and vegetable seedlings, take a look at your balcony. Its size, orientation towards the sun and shade coverage largely determine which plants are best for your balcony and which are not.

The English landscape garden

English landscape garden

In the English landscape gardens, dark trees and shrubs alternate with light flower beds and wide lawns. Garden sculptures and garden accessories play an important role in the English garden.

The Window Sill Garden

Window Sill Garden

If you neither have your own garden nor a balcony, you can still plant and harvest your own herbs, plants and vegetables on your windowsill. Take a suitable flower box and plant what you and your family like to eat there.

The Italian Garden

Italian garden

The Italian garden or Renaissance garden is characterized by its proportions and symmetry. He would like to combine house and garden in perfect harmony, including the landscape.

The Japanese garden

Japanese garden

The Japanese garden combines stone and water. According to the teachings of Buddhism, their presence in the Japanese garden is a must. The stones symbolize the “Yang” – the male light, the active and the water symbolizes the “Yin”, everything feminine, dark, passive.

The allotment Garden Farm Garden

allotment garden

In an allotment garden there are fruit and vegetables as well as shrubs, flower borders and lawns. However, lawns and ornamental plantings must not predominate. Growing fruit and vegetables is an integral part of an allotment garden.

The Herb Garden

herb garden

A herb garden is usually a part of the garden that is specially created for kitchen herbs, aromatic herbs or medicinal herbs. Most herbs are shrubs or dwarf trees.

The Natural Garden

natural garden

In the foreground of the natural garden are the natural growth of plants and a colorful variety of flowers. The natural garden offers plenty of space so that people and animals (such as birds, butterflies, bees, etc.) can live harmoniously and in harmony with one another

The kitchen garden

kitchen garden

In contrast to the ornamental garden, the kitchen garden is mainly used for planting fruit, vegetables and herbs for personal use. This includes a shed for the necessary garden tools. Some items of utility include a greenhouse for growing cold-sensitive plants.

The Orchard


The orchard can be created as a pure orchard or part of a garden. Fruit trees can be planted with or without (bare-rooted) balls. Fruit trees such as Apple, pear or cherry trees usually stand in the same place for decades and should therefore be planned carefully.

The rose garden

rose garden

The rose garden for rose collectors and lovers! The selection of rose varieties is huge. The versatile plants are not only suitable as eye-catchers in perennial beds, but also as an overall composition.

The City Garden

city garden

Those who live in the city do not have to do without their own garden. A true green oasis can also be created on small areas from the roof terrace, backyard or front garden.
The new desire for “urban gardening” is a global trend.

The Perennial Garden

perennial garden

Perennial gardens can be laid out in many ways. Some consist of flowering perennials, others are made up of plants and ferns with interesting foliage, grasses or plants that can withstand a lot of sun and drought. The latter are particularly valuable for insects and domestic reptiles.

The Rock Garden

rock garden

In a rock garden, large stones and many different, low plants should grow together to form a unit that should be reminiscent of a mountain landscape. There are innumerable rock garden plants that spread well.

The Forest Garden

forest garden

In the forest garden – as the name suggests – the trees dominate.

The Water Garden

water garden

The water garden can be laid out in the smallest of spaces, but it has to be carefully planned and needs some technical equipment. It works through ponds, watercourses and water features.

The Ornamental Garden

ornamental garden

The ornamental garden – whether on a few square meters or many hectares – impresses first and foremost with its strict symmetry and clear, characteristic plants, which do not focus on their use.

Garden Types Videos

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