Natural Gardens

Once created, these gardens only needs careful intervention by the gardener. The laws of ecology apply here. A real natural garden offers a habitat for many native animal species.

Natural Garden

For such a garden, orientate yourself on the natural requirements of your property. Plant everything that grows well in your soil, light and weather conditions and then let it grow. Mostly these will be native plants, which you can also see in neighboring gardens.

Natural Garden

Giving space back to nature, providing a natural habitat and retreat for numerous, increasingly rare animals and plants. Simply being one with nature – that is what defines ths kind of garden.

Natural gardens do not have to be overgrown or forest-like, they can also be designed to be family-friendly and practically usable. Not least because the wild garden variant can be a challenge, especially for the neighboring neighbors. As always in life, a good mix is ​​probably the most realistic solution.

Other garden types

Here you will find videos and explanations about other garden types and styles

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