Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental gardens – whether on a few square meters or many hectares – impress primarily with their strict symmetry and clear, characteristic planting, which does not focus on their use.

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Ornamental Garden

Ornamental gardens are primarily about design and aesthetic aspects that please the eye and soul and are intended to be used for relaxation. Fragrant flowers, magnificent seas of flowers, romantic pergolas, winding gravel paths that lead through this plant paradise, but also various water features and different retreats on the site, perhaps equipped with small figures and other decorative items, make up the ornamental garden.

Ornamental Garden

Ornamental gardens without ornamental shrubs and ornamental trees are inconceivable. They grow quickly, are colorful and fragrant and also have a long lifespan. From the barberry to the cornel, ornamental shrubs give the garden an unmistakable face – all year round. The evergreen trees in particular give structure and can serve as a partition element, privacy screen and shade.

The element water is particularly popular in ornamental gardens. A small fountain or pond fits in here and reinforces the recreational character that emanates from successful ornamental gardens.

Other garden types

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