Rock Gardens

This type of garden is for climbing fans and mountain lovers. Large stones and many different, low plants should grow together to form a unit that should be reminiscent of a mountain landscape. There are countless plants that spread well there.

Rock Garden

Rhododendrons of all kinds also go well with it. Tree trunks, cowslips, edelweiss and wild cyclamen make the rock garden a romantic eye-catcher.

Rock Garden

It is best to create rock gardens in a very sunny, maximally partially shaded hillside location. A rock garden harmonizes particularly well with a neighboring stream or pond. The stones used ideally come from a quarry or river bed. In general, larger stones should be given preference. They can also be used to fix slopes and create boundaries or structures.


This type of garden is considered to be very easy to maintain. Unfortunately, this is not always true, because the amount of care required depends very much on the types of plants that you have selected for your garden. Complicated alpine plants require considerably more care than uncomplicated plants. So the way and how much you have to care for your garden depends mainly on the needs of the plants you use.

In addition, weeding takes up another part of the maintenance effort. You should remove seed and root weeds in a timely manner.

Other garden types

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