Rose Gardens

Rose gardens for rose collectors and lovers! The selection of rose varieties is huge. The versatile plants are not only suitable as eye-catchers in perennial beds, but also as an overall composition.

Rose Garden

What do you need for that? Sure, especially different roses that create a beautiful overall picture. These can be low-growing bed roses. But also trellises with climbing roses or even rambler roses, which are picturesquely drawn up in trees.

To ensure that your rose garden always blooms beautifully, mix varieties in your beds that bloom once per season with those that bloom more often or continuously.


Roses also work great on their own. Nevertheless, companions in the rose garden are also nice. Mediterranean plants such as lavender, rosemary and thyme go particularly well.

They also smell summery, but do not compete with the roses.

Roses belong to the genus of plants. The trunk, branches and twigs of the roses have many thorns – colloquially also called thorns. These spines protect the roses from being eaten by animals and help the so-called climbing roses to hold onto another plant. The latter is very important in the garden today.

The roses we buy in the store were grown by humans. They are called cultivated roses or cultivated roses. When roses grow in the wild, they are called wild roses.

Other garden types

Here you will find videos and explanations about other garden types and styles

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