Balcony Gardens

Balcony Garden

The balcony garden is a good opportunity for many city dwellers to integrate a little green into their everyday life.

balcony garden

If you want to grow garden plants on your balcony, there are a few important things to keep in mind to create a good mini garden. The pots should be large enough, also in view of the expected growth of the plant. Otherwise there may be problems with the statics or the volume of the earth for water and nutrient storage.

The Gardens of Appeltern

The Gardens of Appeltern near Nijmegen show on approx. 5,000 square meters balcony gardens as well as lounge gardens and Pond gardens..

Planning a balcony

Before you start setting up your balcony, you should ask yourself the following questions:
How big is your balcony?
What do you want to use your balcony primarily for?
Do you need a seat or a place to dry your clothes?
Which part of your balcony would you like to use as a garden? (e.g. the floor, walls and railings are possible)

Orientation of your balcony

In addition to the above size of your balcony and your wishes, the position of your balcony is a decisive factor for the choice e.g. of the best plants.

In the east you have the sun in the morning.
In the south you have the sun in the afternoon (lots of sun, warm).
In the west you have the sun in the afternoon (sunny but relatively windy).
In the north it is shady and cool.

Some plants need shade and others love the sun (such as tomatoes)

Time management

Think carefully about how much time you have available for looking after your balcony garden.
If you only use a few window boxes, you will only need a little time.
If you have e.g. many different herbs and plants, use walls and ceilings as well as the floor, you may have to plan up to half an hour a day for maintenance.
Remember that watering also belongs to maintenance.

Sun protection

Mainly on south-facing balconies, awnings are often used to create shade for both the balcony and the room.
If you have vegetables and Mediterranean plants on your balcony, you should keep them in flower boxes in front of the balcony, as they need so much sun as possible to be able to thrive optimally.

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