Windowsill Gardens

Windowsill Gardens

The garden on the window sill for the look but also to bring a bit of green into the kitchen. The small garden on the window sill is particularly popular in urban apartments.

Windowsill Gardens

Even those who don’t have a balcony can get a little closer to nature with plant boxes and clay pots in front of the windows. Should the plants just be beautiful, smell good and perhaps attract one or the other butterfly, or should one also be able to “taste” nature?

On the south and west side, in addition to hussar heads, daisies, geraniums, pelargoniums and similar sunbathers, Mediterranean herbs such as basil, oregano, rosemary or savory grow in the flower box, while an east window is ideal for verbenas or petunias and similar plants. You can even cultivate delicious strawberries or mini tomatoes in a confined space. Even north windows do not have to remain unadorned: snowflakes, hardworking lizards and most types of fuchsia tend to love it in the shade.

Windowsill gardens and bee protection

Everyone can do something to stop the death of wild bees and honeybees. Buy seeds and plants for your window sill that also provide food for bees. So everyone can create their own proximity island on their windowsill for bees, no matter how small or large their apartment is.

Plants that contain a lot of nectar and pollen for the bees are recommended.

Plants for your windowsill gardens in winter

The following herbs and vegetables also thrive on your windowsill in winter without any problems.

Bush beans need a very large pot, but are ideal for growing on the windowsill in winter.

Onions can be excellent and whole easy to grow at home. You don’t even need seeds for that. You can easily grow new plants from the remains of your existing bulbs. You need a large pot so that your onions can develop properly. Put it in a sunny spot. Onions are very easy to care for. Apart from a little water every now and then, they didn’t need any special care.

Kale is a typical winter vegetable. It thrives splendidly in cooler rooms and needs about 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day.

Swiss chard is very easy to care for. Swiss chard is also very beautiful with its colored stems and different varieties.

Mint only needs a sunny spot and regular watering, otherwise it is very easy to care for. Many varieties have a wonderfully fresh aroma.

Oregano loves warm and sunny conditions and needs regular watering and is very tasty.

Radishes require little space, little care and ripen very quickly. They need about 3 to 4 hours of light a day and should rather have a cool place and not be held directly by the fireplace or heater.

Paprika can be grown in a pot. However, you should note that the so-called small cultivars can also be up to 80 cm high. Paprika feels most comfortable in a warm, sheltered place with lots of light.

You probably already know the chives from the pot from your supermarket. Perhaps you’ve thrown them away after using them. You don’t need that anymore. You can continue to use the leftovers and grow your own pot of chives on your windowsill so that you always have your own supply on hand.

The chives are very easy to care for. It needs regular watering (make sure it never dries out), some fertilizer every month and above all a sunny spot.

Spinach only needs about 4 hours of light a day. However, it does not tolerate heat and should therefore not be near the fireplace or heater. If he is right he needs little care. Water it regularly and give it some fertilizer every now and then.

Indoor plants for your windowsill gardens

Indoor plants also called potted plants are kept indoors as ornamental plants throughout the year (sometimes also on the windowsill).

Other garden types

Here you will find videos and explanations about other garden types and styles

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